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Upcoming Events


Date Time Event Location
October 19 TBD Holly Arts and Crafts Festival** Pinehurst
May 2, 2025 Noon Bach’s Lunch | Emmanuel Episcopal Church** Pinehurst

**Open to the public

Invite us to perform, call Neal Yocom, 910-215-0240

“From the beginning, when the New Horizons Band first began visiting to perform concerts for the residents of Belle Meade, the musical experience has been wonderful! Residents at Belle Meade thoroughly enjoy the lovely music this growing and ever-evolving group continually brings with each performance. Each time our community experiences a concert there is much talk around the community for days after of how wonderful the band concert was and how much everyone enjoyed it! Those who miss the concert hear about what they missed, so that when the next concert is announced as a Save the Date many do their best to make sure they are in attendance! We love hearing the feature concerts in our community and feel very fortunate to have the band consistently reach back out to us for return visits to perform.”

Lisa Mudd
Director of Arts & Leisure
Belle Meade at St. Joseph of the Pines